Selling Managed IT To Win Overview

Overview: Selling Managed IT To Win

How to identify and qualify more MIT opportunities

You’ve made the investment in infrastructure, but do 100% of your salespeople know how to identify and qualify a Managed IT sales opportunity? This program will get your entire sales team ready to build your recurring Managed IT (MIT) revenues quicker with more qualified leads that make better use of your Subject Matter Expert.


Selling Managed IT To Win Modules Include:

The Need for Managed IT

• Evolution of Office Technology
• Stats and Facts to Support the Need
• Common IT Challenges in SMB
• Popular Business Outcomes
• Digitek Pro Tip Prospecting Strategies

Prospecting Strategies

• Identifying IT Targets
• The Value Proposition(s)
• Pre Call Preparation
• Phone, Email and Social Media
• Digitek Pro Tip

Sales Call Effectiveness

• Pre Call Planning
• Power Questions to Ask
• Open, Body and Close of the Ideal Sales Call
• Positive Signals and Red Flags
• Digitek Pro Tip Handling Resistance

Handling Resistance

• Why Objections Are Good
• Objection Handling Template
• Top 3 Objections and Responses
• Role Play Demonstration
• Digitek Pro Tip

Qualifying Opportunities and Engaging your Solutions Specialist

• Qualifying Sales Opportunities
• Red Flags to Avoid
• Advancing the Sales Cycle
• Engaging Your IT Specialist
• Digitek Pro Tip


  • Engaging video (not PowerPoint!)
  • 10 – 15 minute modules (less than 3 hours to complete)
  • Hosted by Sales Performance Coach: Rick Lambert
  • Actor simulations of recommended selling skills
  • Online testing and reporting
  • Official certificate of completion
  • Individual learning path for each person
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