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Selling Managed IT To Win Modules Include:

The Need for Managed IT

• Evolution of Office Technology
• Stats and Facts to Support the Need
• Common IT Challenges in SMB
• Popular Business Outcomes
• Digitek Pro Tip Prospecting Strategies

Prospecting Strategies

• Identifying IT Targets
• The Value Proposition(s)
• Pre Call Preparation
• Phone, Email and Social Media
• Digitek Pro Tip

Sales Call Effectiveness

• Pre Call Planning
• Power Questions to Ask
• Open, Body and Close of the Ideal Sales Call
• Positive Signals and Red Flags
• Digitek Pro Tip Handling Resistance

Handling Resistance

• Why Objections Are Good
• Objection Handling Template
• Top 3 Objections and Responses
• Role Play Demonstration
• Digitek Pro Tip

Qualifying Opportunities and Engaging your Solutions Specialist

• Qualifying Sales Opportunities
• Red Flags to Avoid
• Advancing the Sales Cycle
• Engaging Your IT Specialist
• Digitek Pro Tip