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Six Degrees of Sales & Marketing:
How to become the Kevin Bacon of Lead Generation

What do Kevin Bacon, the movie Top Gun, and a popular business practice have in common? Find out in this engaging discussion! Aaron Dyck will help you make sense of the latest digital marketing trends and best practices in outsourcing business services so you can expand capabilities, implement enterprise-level sales with aplomb and leverage world-class marketing strategies to compete and win.

Should You Outsource Your Business Services?
When to Leave it to the Experts

If you’re like most businesses in the imaging industry today, as market share and margins continue to shrink, so have your internal resources. There’s less money in the budget to pay for essentials like new technology and hardware, let alone investing in hiring and training top sales people, or maintaining an in-house marketing department to build and manage your website, social media and lead generation.

The Top 5 Business Drivers for Workflow Solutions:
How to Sell More Hardware and Services to the SMB Buyer

It’s a challenge for small to medium sized businesses (SMB) to keep up with all the paperwork and electronic files that come into the business every day. Watch this webinar with Digitek’s Aaron Dyck and guest speaker Matthew Cretien, co-founder and CTO of Intellinetics- as they help understand how to take the complexity out of document workflow solutions for SMBs.

Digitek Thought Leadership Webinars! Overcoming Top Dealer Business Challenges: What You Need to Succeed in 2016

Overcoming Top Dealer Business Challenges: What You Need to Succeed in 2016

When ImageSource asked dealers about their toughest business challenges for 2016, they consistently include sales and marketing. Watch this on-demand webinar as our own Aaron Dyck and ImageSource discuss the concerns dealers have.

5 Key Strategies to Beat the Competition

5 Key Strategies to Beat the Competition

Aaron Dyck hosts this webinar to take viewers through Digitek’s new Partner Pro Business Growth Platform! Explore what this platform has to offer with the expert himself!


SMB’s Path to Private Cloud: The Right Road for Your Business?

Increasingly, SMB’s are leaving their local hardware behind and are moving to a Private Cloud − rather than Public Cloud − environment. What’s causing this increasing trend, and what do you need to know before deciding if Private Cloud is right for your business?

Neuromarketing: The New Science of Persuasion

Dr. Christophe Morin, CEO, Founder, and Chief Pain Officer for SalesBrain brings forward new discoveries in neuroscience that focus on consumer behavior and marketing effectiveness. After attending this webinar, you will understand how different marketing stimuli effects the…

Innovate to Grow - Thought Leadership Webinar Topic From Partner Pro Business Growth Platform

Elevating the Value of Print in SMB!

Join Xerox to gain insight on how to compete in the evolving market place, capture greater recurring revenue, and customer stickiness with personalized workflow software.

How to Use Inbound Marketing - Thought Leadership Webinar Topic From Partner Pro Business Growth Platform

How to Use Inbound Marketing to Dramatically Increase Web Traffic, Get More Leads, and Earn Way More Sales

Inbound and Content Marketing are the talk of the sales and marketing world right now, but unfortunately, most businesses don’t truly understand how to make Inbound work for them so as to get the results…

Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine - Thought Leadership Webinar Topic From Partner Pro Business Growth Platform

How To Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine

Learn from Inbound Marketing Specialist and Social Strategist, Melissa Theriault on pros and cons and best practices to utilize your website as a 24×7 lead generation machine for your business.

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