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Digitek-PartnerPro Business Growth Platform that provides sales training and digital marketing servicesOur Partner Pro exclusive suite of true “Business Growth Solutions” gives you the competitive edge you want while stretching every dollar you spend on products, services and solutions infrastructure. You benefit from our investment in the industry’s first “Single Sign On” access to everything you need to drive revenue faster as a true solutions provider.

  • Sales Training – for new and experienced solution sales professionals
  • Marketing Tools – to elevate your exposure and create more leads
  • Ongoing Resources – to stay ahead with updates and best practices

Now as a Digitek customer, you can leverage your spend on the IT products and services you currently buy in exchange for the business coaching and resources you need to build recurring revenues you can count on each and every month.

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Make your website a 24×7 sales machine with inbound marketing.


Field proven ideas to win more profitable pages under contract.


Create and qualify more sales opportunities with IT leaders.


Supercharge your B2B sales with professional sales coaching.

Get the latest sales insights and best practices to create more sales opportunities and win more profitable pages under contract. New hires to tenured MPS sales executives alike will benefit from topical coaching modules showcasing best practices right across the Managed Print sales cycle.

MPS Sales Training Modules Include:

  • The Business Case For MPS – The compelling need for Managed Print.
  • Prospecting for MPS opportunities – How to prioritize accounts and who to engage.
  • Vertical Market Selling Strategies – Industry specific pain points that create MPS opportunities.
  • Top 7 MPS Sales Mistakes  – How to avoid common MPS pitfalls!
  • Handling MPS Objections – Responses to real world MPS resistance.
  • TCO Calculation Strategies  – Critical steps to maximize your profit opportunity.
  • Presenting Your MPS Proposal – How to maximize your chances for approval.
  • Effective Quarterly Business Reviews – How to prepare and execute like a pro!

You’ve made the investment in infrastructure, but do 100% of your salespeople know how to identify and qualify a Managed IT sales opportunity? This program will get your entire sales team ready to build your recurring MIT revenues quicker with more qualified leads that make better use of your SME.

Managed IT Sales Training Modules Include:

  • The Need for Managed IT?
    • Evolution of Office Technology
    • Stats and Facts to support the need
    • Common IT Challenges in SMB
    • Popular Business Outcomes
    • Digitek Pro Tip
  • Prospecting Strategies
    • Identifying IT Targets
    • The Value Proposition(s)
    • Pre Call Preparation
    • Phone, Email and Social Media Engagement
    • Digitek Pro Tip
  • Sales Call Effectiveness
    • Pre Call Planning
    • Power Questions to Ask
    • Open, Body, Close of the ideal sales call
    • Positive Signals and Red flags
    • Digitek Pro Tip
  • Handling Resistance
    • Why are objections good
    • Objection Handling Template
    • Top 3 Objections and Responses
    • Role Play Demonstration
    • Digitek Pro Tip
  • Qualifying Opportunities and Engaging your Solutions Specialist
    • Qualifying Sales Opportunities
    • Red Flags to Avoid
    • Advancing the Sales Cycle
    • Engaging Your IT Specialist
    • Digitek Pro Tip

This is the perfect training program for anyone selling business-to-business products, services or solutions. New hires to tenured sales executives alike will benefit from topical coaching videos jam packed with best practices right across the solutions sales cycle.

Solution Selling Sales Training Modules Include:

  • Are You Ready To Sell? – Take our sales readiness Self-Assessment.
  • Power Prospecting – Powerful phone, email and social engagement strategies.
  • High Gain Questions – Learn when, why and how to ask high gain questions.
  • The Ultimate Sales Call – See how to prepare and maximize your effectiveness.
  • Objection Handling – How to overcome common resistance with pro responses.
  • Presentation Skills – Pro tips for delivering an effective presentation.
  • Qualifying Opportunities – Let’s make sure you’re focusing on real opportunities.
  • Proposal Pro Tips – Discover how to make your proposal more compelling.
  • Negotiating Best Practices – Proven techniques to protect your margin.
  • Gaining Commitment – Best practices to secure the business.

We’re obsessed about lead generation for our Partners! Unfortunately most resellers complain about the lack of ROI and disappointing lead generation from the current marketing spend. If you can relate, let us simplify the complexity of marketing efforts and start filling your funnel with more leads. Our new “turnkey” inbound marketing services turn your website into a 24 x 7 sales machine. You’ll get professional content management and ROI reporting on your social channels, blog, email campaigns and powerful content offers for maximum lead generation.

Service Highlights

  • Social Media – Professional content management on popular social channels
  • Blogging – Optimized customer facing content on the services you offer
    • Managed Print Services
    • Document Workflow
    • Managed IT Services
    • Business Improvement
  • Email – Partner branded campaigns
  • Content Offers – Convert site visitors to sales leads!
  • Custom website and SEO Services – Let our team of experts improve your online presence!