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Todays sales professional requires the unique mix of desire to succeed and professional selling skills to be successful. This complimentary training video has been created to help you assess your current selling skills in todays hyper-competitive sales arena.

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Interested in improving your selling skills? Here’s our contemporary line up of 10 video modules designed to coach you on best practices right across the B2B sales cycle. Join over 20,000 sales reps trained sales performance Rick Lambert who is featured in each module with live role play demonstrations, off line exercises, and much more!

Selling To Win Sales Training Modules Include:

1. Are You Ready To Sell? – Take our sales readiness self-assessment.
2. Power Prospecting – Powerful phone, email and social engagement strategies.
3. High-Gain Questions – Learn when, why and how to ask high-gain questions.
4. The Ultimate Sales Call – See how to prepare and maximize your effectiveness.
5. Objection Handling – How to overcome common resistance with pro responses.
6. Presentation Skills – Pro tips for delivering an effective presentation.
7. Qualifying Opportunities – Let’s make sure you’re focusing on real opportunities.
8. Proposal Pro Tips – Discover how to make your proposal more compelling.
9. Negotiating Best Practices – Proven techniques to protect your margin.
10. Gaining Commitment – Best practices to secure the business.