SMB’s Path to Private Cloud- The Right Road for Your Business

SMB’s Path to Private Cloud: The Right Road for Your Business?

Increasingly, SMB’s are leaving their local hardware behind and are moving to a Private Cloud − rather than Public Cloud − environment. What’s causing this increasing trend, and what do you need to know before deciding if Private Cloud is right for your business?

Join Rob McCormick, CEO of Avatara, a leading IT solutions provider, as he explores the business drivers causing this major disruption in the IT infrastructure purchasing cycle, and why many business owners are looking to the Private Cloud rather than bringing computer hardware in house.

What you’ll learn:

• Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud – what the differences are and what they mean to your business
• How today’s new technologies are contributing to the popularity of the Private Cloud
• The business improvements reported by SMB’s embracing the Private Cloud
• Different Cloud pricing models – what you need to know before budgeting time


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