Training FAQs

Technical Requirements

Connection Requirements

To watch videos on the DIGITEK’s Partner Pro Training Platform, you must be connected to the Internet. We recommend a 3G, 4G or WiFi connection for optimal mobile viewing.

Minimum Browser Requirements

Note: If you’re not sure which browser and version you are using, visit this website: It will display your browser and version immediately at the top of the web page.

  • Safari 6 or later, Google Chrome 11 or later, Firefox 30 or later, Internet Explorer 9 or later
  • Mac OS 10.8 or later, Windows 7 SP1 or later
  • Broadband connection of 1 Mbps or greater

Recommended settings for viewing on desktop or laptop devices

Safari 8 or later, Google Chrome 41 or later, Firefox 35 or later, Internet Explorer 11 or later

Mac OS 10.10 or later, Windows 8.1 or later

Broadband connection of 3 mbps or greater

Recommended settings for viewing on mobile devices



  • Devices: All android phones and tablets
  • Android 4.0+

Browser: Google Chrome 11 or later, Firefox 30 or later, Internet Explorer 9 or later


  • Devices: All tablets, laptops and desktops
  • Windows 8.1+
  • Browsers: Google Chrome 11 or later, Firefox 30 or later, Internet Explorer 9 or later

Training FAQs

I forgot my password

Passwords are case sensitive. Before changing your password, please ensure you are entering your password correctly.

From the log in screen, select “Forgotten your username or password?” below the LOGIN button.

Enter the email address used in your Partner Pro profile. Or, enter your username.

You will receive an email from “Niki From PartnerPro” no matter which piece of information you provide. It will offer a password reset, follow the step by step instructions in the email you receive.

There is no audio when playing videos

Check the volume control on the video itself. It is located in the bottom right hand corner of the video player and resembles a speaker with sound waves emitting from it.

Check the volume on the device you’re using. If you are using a desk top computer, locate the sound controls in the task bar (commonly near where your internet signal indicator is located). It will also resemble a speaker with sound waves emitting from it.

Ensure your speakers are correctly plugged in. If you are using headphones, double check that the headphones have been plugged into the correct jack – it is common for headphones to accidentally be plugged into the Mic jack.

Some computer speakers have their own volume controls. Double check if your speakers need to be manually powered on.

Can I use my smartphone network connection?

Yes, you can. However, as streaming videos through your mobile data plan tends to use up a lot of data, it is recommended to stream the videos on mobile devices with a WiFi connection to avoid overage charges on your mobile data plan.

I’ve completed 2 video modules, but the 3rd one won’t start – what can I do?

Double check that the 2nd module was unlocked by passing modules 2’s quiz.

If the quiz has been completed with a passing grade and you still can’t move forward, you should reconnect to the server by first clearing your browser history and log back into your system.

Why is my video buffering?

Videos buffer when the Internet connection between your location and our server becomes unstable and packets are being dropped.  Sometimes the connection will automatically clear itself.  If the problem persists, you should reconnect to the server manually by first clearing your browser history, and then log back into your training account.

Do I have to view the videos in chronological order?

Yes, your first time through will be in chronological order. However, after you are certified, you may re-watch videos in any order you’d like.

Is there a minimum score I have to achieve on each quiz?

Yes, the minimum score is 3 out of 5 to move onto the next module.  However, it is recommended that you reattempt the quizzes until you achieve a 5 out of 5.

Who will see my quiz results?

Only you and the Partner Pro Course administrators can see your quiz results.

Who sponsored this training program?

The PartnerPro program is sponsored by Digitek, a distributor of technology products and is available to all companies doing business with Digitek.

Can I watch the training videos again at another time?

Yes, after completing the course, the videos are available for your review whenever you’d like.

Can I retake the quiz if I didn’t achieve a passing grade?

Absolutely, there are an unlimited number of attempts on all of the quizzes! Even if you did achieve a the passing grade of 3 out of 5, it is recommended that you retake the quiz until you achieve a 5 out of 5.

I can’t log in

Please try your user name and password once more ensuring they are spelled correctly. Please note that passwords are case sensitive.

If you still can’t log in, try resetting your password. Follow the steps outlined in the “I forgot my password” FAQ on this page.

If you’re still unable to log in, ensure that you have registered an account before. If you’re unsure about your registration, check with your company administrator for instructions.

Still having trouble? Please use the contact form below to connect with one of our technical team members. We will be in touch within the next business day.

Can I copy or Share files?

No, as this is a paid training program, we strongly request that the materials included stay among our partners. The benefit of keeping these materials to yourself is also in how it differentiates you as an MPS provider.

How do I subscribe for any of the training courses?

Complete our application form to have a Digitek representative contact you.

If your company already has an account with Digitek, contact your sales representative.

I am trying to watch the training videos at the office, but none of them will play– what’s wrong?

Have your technical support group check your company’s firewall settings – they may be blocking video streams from the Internet.  If they won’t change the settings for security reasons, then watch the videos from outside of the company’s network, from home, or from another location.

Do I need any special application to watch the training videos?

No – just log in using your favorite browser – MS Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc. For specifications on browser versions, see our Minimum Technical Requirements section above.

You can also watch the training videos on your iOS and Android mobile devices.

How long does this training program take?

This depends on the training course you’re taking, and how long you spend on the quizzes.

Managed Print Services total video time is 90 minutes.

Managed IT Services total video time is 80 minutes.

How to hold an effective sales meeting video time is 30 minutes.

How do I get my certificate of completion?

Once you complete the training program, Click the “Go to Course Homepage” button in the Feedback column below your congratulations message. At the top of that page, a red banner will prompt you to “Download Selling Managed Print To Win Certificate”.

Who can I contact for technical questions?

You will find a contact form at the bottom of this page, feel free to connect with us there.

Can I get Branded Collaterals?

Yes, we offer MPS and MIT Marketing Kits – brochures and PowerPoint presentation that are branded with company logo, and a demand generation video. Add company branding to the video for $250. See our Marketing Kits for more information:

Managed Print Services Marketing Kit

Managed IT Services Marketing Kit

Do I have to watch all of the training videos all at once?

No, you do not need to watch all of the videos all at once. You can gradually complete the course at your leisure. However, we find that the course information resonates more so when the modules are completed one right after the other.

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